6 tips for finding the right CBD dosage

Are you new to using CBD? Then you will soon find out that dosing CBD can be tricky. Whereas prescribed medication has a universal dosage, CBD does not. Every body is different, which means that every body reacts differently to CBD. In other words: what CBD dosage should be taken, differs from person to person.

We understand that you may find all this very confusing. After all, how would you know that you are taking the right dose? And, how do you find the right dosage? Of course, we will be happy give you dosage suggestions. Please read the useful tips below.

  1. It takes time to build up the CBD dosage

Before you start using CBD, it is important to know that CBD must be built up in the body. Where a regular painkiller achieves immediate results, CBD does not. The build-up period of CBD is about 1 – 2 weeks. For an optimal build-up, it is important that you take CBD every day.

In the build-up period it is likely that you will achieve just a little result. CBD must be gradually built up in your body during the build-up phase. This requires a minimum dose of 2 drops twice a day, and this dosage is more than sufficient.

  1. Increase the dosage daily until the desired result is achieved. 

Are you at the end of your build-up period? Then it is time to look for the dosage that gives you the best results.

Have you already achieved satisfactory results with the minimum dosage in the build-up period (2 drops, twice a day)? Then stick to this dosage.

Do you feel that you could achieve more results with a higher dosage? Then increase the daily dosage by one drop until you experience the desired effects.

  1. Listen to your body!

Because every body is different, you will have to find out what your perfect dosage is. Listen carefully to your body: if you feel that you need to change the dosage, do so. The body is perfectly capable of telling you what it really needs!

  1. Combine different CBD products

Combining different CBD products can be particularly useful. Do you use CBD oil or CBD capsules as a daily supplement? Then you can choose to give your body an extra CBD boost if necessary. You can do this by simply adding an extra CBD product such as CBD-infused chewing gum, CBD vape juice or a CBD suppository

  1. Select the right concentration

Choosing a product with the right concentration is essential when you wish to achieve the best results. However, choosing the right concentration can be quite difficult. As mentioned before, every body is different; some people obtain the best results with CBD products with a low concentration, whereas others are much better off using CBD products with a high concentration.

In general, we recommend that you follow the guidelines below:

Children and pets: start with a product with a low concentration (2.5% to 5%)

Adults: start with a product with a medium concentration (5% to 10%)

Build up the dosage slowly. If you do not notice any changes after a while, it is advisable to choose a CBD product with a higher concentration next time.

  1. Are you in doubt? Ask for personal advice

Are you completely new to the world of CBD and do you have doubts about its use? We fully understand that. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have about CBD products. Together with you, we will look at what CBD product and concentration would suit you best.