The advantages and disadvantages of CBD

Whereas a few years ago no one had heard of CBD, we can now say that CBD has made its worldwide advance. CBD is an extremely popular food supplement and is therefore used by many people on a daily basis. Of course, this popularity does not come out of nowhere; CBD itself and its usage have many benefits. We would like to explain the advantages and disadvantages of CBD.


Widely applicable
CBD is used for a wide variety of reasons, and successfully so! Thanks to the different forms of application, there is a suitable CBD product for every purpose.

No side effects
In principle, CBD has no side effects. This does not automatically mean that anyone can simply use CBD : sometimes CBD has an interaction or synergy when it is added to a therapy: this is not always desirable. Are you taking heavy medication or are you in doubt about a possible interaction? If so, you should consult your GP or pharmacist before using CBD.

100% legal in the Netherlands
Due to the fact that all of our products contain less than 0.05% THC, they can be sold freely, and they are completely legal in the Netherlands.

Safe to use
All of our products are produced by recognized manufacturers. In addition, the production process is closely monitored. The result? A completely reliable and safe product.

CBD is absolutely non- addictive. CBD is non-psychoactive and therefore it is not possible to become mentally dependent on CBD. If you stop using CBD, you will not experience any withdrawal symptoms. This means that there is also no physical dependence.

Many different forms of administration
There are many different types of CBD products available. The most commonly used CBD product is CBD oil. However, this method of intake is not always the most suitable. This depends on the person and the purpose for which CBD is ingested. For this reason, other forms of administration are also available, such as:

  • CBD capsules
  • CBD patches
  • CBD skincare products
  • CBD crystals
  • CBD e-liquids

Suitable for everyone
CBD is suitable for everyone; from young to old. Please bear in mind that the perfect dosage differs from person to person. Children generally need less than adults. For this reason, the less concentrated products (2.5% to 5%) are most suited to children and the moderately (5%
– 10%) and highly concentrated products (>10%) are more suited to adults We recommend starting with 2 x 2 drops per day and, if necessary, gradually increasing them after two weeks until the desired result is achieved.

Organically grown and produced
We do not only consider your health; we feel that nature is also very important. That is why we only sell products that are grown and produced entirely organically. The production process is closely monitored, and our products are all tested for the presence of pesticides, metals, or other toxicants.

Suitable for long-term use
CBD can be taken daily and for a longer period of time. You are not at risk of becoming addicted to CBD.

Almost all of our products fit perfectly into a vegan lifestyle. Our products are all 100% organic and plant based. Are you a vegan and would you like to start using soft gels? Then please note that some soft gels are still made of gelatine and are therefore not vegan.

Very precise dosage possible
The ideal dosage differs from person to person. One person may need more CBD than another person. With most CBD products you can dosage very accurately. An example might be CBD oil; you can determine the desired dosage drop by drop.


No universal dosage
Whereas with regular medication you always see a universal dosage listed on the packaging, you do not see this on the CBD product label. When using CBD, it is important to know that the perfect dosage differs from person to person and that it is important that you find your right dosage.

CBD has a bitter taste
The taste of CBD is bitter and is not appreciated by everyone. Fortunately, there are also many products available that have a milder taste or no taste at all.

CBD products are expensive
You may have noticed that CBD products are quite expensive. This is because our products are made from the highest quality hemp available. Moreover, the manufacturing of a CBD product is a highly labour intensive and meticulous process.

Tolerance can occur with prolonged use
Do you use CBD on a daily basis and for a longer period of time? Then sometimes the body can develop a CBD tolerance. Fortunately, this can be easily resolved by discontinuing the intake for a few days and then restarting your usual dose again.

Not legal in all countries
In the Netherlands CBD is 100% legal and freely available. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all countries. Some countries still see CBD as ‘drugs’ so it is not legal everywhere.

Unreliable products on the market
Meanwhile, there are a lot of CBD brands and products for sale. Unfortunately, not all products are of high-quality or reliable quality. To make sure you buy a reliable product, you should always check whether the product is made by a reliable manufacturer.